Federation Frigates

Battle for Earth

Another model from the Legacy of Aldenata story, the Federation Frigates were civillian craft converted for use as warships to defend Earth from the Posleen. Unfortunately they were prone to malfunction and not very effective in combat as they had insufficient cargo space to carry a full releoad for the missile launchers and the actual reloading had to be done manualy by people working in spacesuits.
High above the Earth a Federation frigate launches missiles against Posleen B-decs as they shed their Lamprey landing craft..

This model was designed and built by my friend and sometimes collaborator in the States, Chris Hechtl. I converted it to Cinema4D format from the original Lightwave format and added a few new details and retextured it.

The Legacy of Aldenata series by John Ringo are military sci-fi books about a near future war in which peaceful aliens enlist mankind's aid against an overwhelmingly superior alien invader. Equipped with galactic technology mankind is the only hope of defeating the vicious Posleen.