Mobile Suit Gundam Heavyarms

Gundam Heavyarms

Trowa Barton logs some flight time in the re-built Heavyarms, deploying from a MDC MS-carrier with the Typhoon in support

Gundam Wing: A New Era is an epic fanfic written by sisters Firefury and One, set twenty years after the events of the Gundam Wing anime it features many of the original characters and their children. After seeing some of my work on the internet Firefury contacted me and asked if I would do some pictures for them, I read the story, liked it and agreed to produce some CG models of the GW-ANE mecha. Some of the mecha are re-built versions of the original Mobile Suits from the GW anime, others are original designs by Firefury, One and myself.

To check out the story and see more GW-ANE artwork by myself and others, visit the Gundam Wing: A new Era Website.